The Beach Basket, Albufeira

I’m just recently back from a quick break away in Portugal – specifically Albufeira. It was really nice getting away from the miserable rainy weather we’ve been having to chill out in the blazing sunshine, eating copious amounts of delicious food.

I used to visit Portugal regularly as a child, at which point I was still too fussy about fish to really appreciate all the amazing food to be had on the coast. Luckily this time I have no such hangups and did my best to try as many different dishes as possible.

One of the most memorable meals – both for excellent service and food to die for – was a restaurant just down the street from our airbnb, called the Beach Basket (I can’t find a website for them or I’d post a link)


We didn’t ever get starters during our holiday, instead opting for the ‘couvert’ section of the menu – bread, olives, fish pate, occasionally cheese.

This was my first try of the sardine paste which seems to be on every menu which is why there’s just a wee smear on the bread. It was nice enough, although as with everywhere else it was just a paste that came ready made in little foil tubs. I preferred the tuna pate we got in a few places, which is basically glorified tuna mayo but very tasty.


I was planning on having lobster but the waitress recommended the tiger prawns instead (as there was either not any lobster or what was there wasn’t great quality – I’m not sure which). I’m so glad she did – these were glorious… Huge and meaty and delicious. I’m pretty sure it was more meat than a lobster for the same price so I was chuffed. I took a little comparison shot between my prawn tail and one of Mr Eats’ to show the size.IMG_20170912_215213

The sauce was delicious as well – I had a side salad with my prawns and the waitress recommended mixing some of the sauce in with it, which was a genius idea. This definitely ranked in my top couple of meals from the holiday.

Mr Eats opted for Cataplana – a traditional stew cooked in a clamshell-like pot.


This one had chunks of monkfish as well as prawns and clams – it was light and flavoursome and tasted of the sea. I’m dying to get myself a lovely copper cataplana like the one this was served in!

After all this we still had a bit of room for dessert. I was quite full so just had ice cream. I had total food envy over Mr Eats’ dessert – ‘toffee peaches’. We weren’t sure what on earth it was, and to be honest I’m still not quite sure! It was absolutely delicious though and I stole more than I should have. I’m a bit gutted we didn’t go back there for more later in the holiday!


Overall this was a gorgeous meal, in such a good location – a couple of minutes from the beach in Albufeira’s Old Town, with a big open back wall that looks out over the sea.


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