Japanese Food in Seoul

We visited two Japanese restaurants whilst in Seoul, both very different and very good.

The first was near Bukchon Hanok Village – a traditional ‘village’ in the Gye-dong area of Seoul. After a morning of traipsing around the hilly streets admiring the gorgeous traditional buildings, we headed off for lunch.

The restaurant we found was a cute little Japanese place, with tasty food and really pretty table settings.


I loved the adorable little dishes – the tiny bowl had a beautiful broccoli soup in it.


Buskie and I both had chicken Katsu. It was so delightfully crispy, with a really nice dipping sauce. While I Loved all the food I had in Korea, some of it was really a bit spicier than I’m normally comfortable with, so this was a bit of a welcome break from spice!


Jenn was feeling like something vegetarian, and asked for an off-menu veg tempura. They appeared with this magnificent and colourful selection.


Michael had a soup – I can’t actually remember what it was but I think some sort of chicken noodle.

The whole meal was delicious – light and tasty and pleasant. We all thoroughly enjoyed it!


The second one was on our last evening there – we were wandering around Hongdae, hungry and indecisive when we happened across a little Japanese curry place. The way the menu worked was kind of like a build-your-own curry – you picked a curry sauce (plain, chicken, prawn etc), then an additional topping (so additional meat or veg), and then your carb of choice.


They were served on a cute little tray with miso soup and pickle. I had chicken curry with potato croquette, rice, and garlic flakes. I didn’t take many pictures because the dishes looked pretty similar – but it was so tasty. We all really enjoyed it – the curries were hearty and full of flavour – just what we needed to keep us going until the flight.

I do love Japanese food in general, and the offerings in Korea certainly didn’t disappoint. Now just to make my way to Japan to try it there!



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