Korean Chicago Pizza

It seems a little weird to go for Chicago pizza when in Seoul, but we’d passed this place on a previous day and it had given me and Jenn quite the craving. I was also curious to try it as I’ve never found anything close to the proper Chicago pizza that I got from Lou Malnati’s during the one day I spent in Chicago (nearly two years ago and I still daydream about that pizza).

Well, to cut a long story short, it was nothing like any pizza I’d ever had, Chicago-style or otherwise, but it was really pretty good!

It was in the Hongdae area that we found this place – we gravitated towards Hongdae a few times during the trip – as it’s quite a studenty area it’s got a busy, fun vibe and there’s plenty of places to eat and drink.


On to the pizzas – the dough was a more bread-like consistency than normally found on pizza, and was folded over the top to make more of a pie-type pizza. It had less sauce than I would’ve liked, but was insanely and gloriously cheesy.


Look at that cheese pull!


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