Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ was definitely something I’d been looking forward to experiencing and I wasn’t disappointed. I think we were wandering around the Itaewon area when we came across a BBQ place we fancied. I  was excited by the setup when we got inside:


You know it’s going to be exciting when there’s a barbeque on your table!

We got some thin sliced brisket and another cut of beef – I can’t remember what it was! The meat portion of Korean BBQ is so expensive, so we ordered a Kimchi pancake (kimchijeon or kimchi buchimgae) as well to bulk it out a bit.


This was amazing – really moreish. I’ll definitely be attempting to make my own at some point.

Now, my favourite thing about eating out in Korea is the banchan – the little side dishes that come out in a wee horde to accompany your meal. This is also the case with Korean BBQ, so as well as our beef we had plenty little side dishes and big lettuce leaves to wrap everything up in.


I did actually recreate a Korean feast a couple of weeks after I got home, so I’ve done some intensive googling of some of the dishes involved and managed to make some pretty good dupes – things that popped up frequently were beansprouts in a tasty dressing, and Korean potato salad, which is made of mashed potato and served perfectly round from an ice cream scoop.

I love food like this – it’s nice to have something everyone can pick at and share and socialise over – with a nice cold beer making it even better!



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