Din Tai Fung, Seoul

A thousand apologies for my extreme lack of posting lately. I’ve been working and holidaying and in the midst of my very first house purchase (eek!) so it’s been a busy few weeks! But I’ve got plenty of delicious things to post about – starting with some highlights from my recent trip to Seoul.

I was holidaying with my old uni flatmates – Jenn, Buskie and Michael. We’ve been talking about doing a group holiday basically since we first met, and 7 years down the line we finally managed to book this one. Michael is our resident expert in all things Korean and was our main guide when it came to food. For my first post though, I’ll talk about a place that was recommended by Jenn & Buskie.

Din Tai Fung is a chain of restaurants originally starting in Taiwan, which is where they visited it. Their speciality is dumplings – amazing, delicious dumplings.


We ordered about 18 soup dumplings (xiaolongbao – the little swirly ones pictured above) in 3 different flavours – I forgot to take a note of what we got, but I think it may have been chicken, pork and shrimp. They’re so delicate and delicious – I personally had a great time prodding them to let the soup out.

We also ordered a variety of the larger ones pictured. These were really tasty too – a lot more substantial and very full of fillings. I loved them all but my favorites were definitely the little soup dumplings – I’ve been having major cravings for more ever since I got home!


While the dumplings are definitely the star of the show, we did order some other bits and pieces which were also fab. Their egg fried rice was magnificently and boldly eggy – I never manage to hit the right level of egg when I make my own so I was a big fan of this. We did also get some greens in for a bit of our five a day – and btw garlic choy sum is to die for.

This was a glorious meal. There isn’t a Din Tai Fung in Europe (yet – I believe there is one opening in London this month!) But they can be found across Eastern Asia as well as Australia and the USA if you fancy checking them out. I thoroughly recommend!


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