Wolf’s Dinner

I went to a fab little event last weekend at For Fika Sake, which is a little cafe in Glasgow’s West End. They were playing host to a pop-up collaboration by Nord and Dice Roll Cafe, which involved alternating courses of a delicious tasting menu with rounds of Ultimate Werewolf.

We were set up at a banquet table with around 12 people, and it was a gorgeous sight with fairy lights and a beautiful woodsy centerpiece running along the table.


Kenny – the brains behind the Dice Roll Cafe and our game moderator for the evening – gave us a quick run down of how the game worked while we were served some canapés.


On top we have a kind of haggis bon bon, which was really tasty and full of flavour. Then black pudding with apple – this was outstanding. I’m not normally a fan of black pudding but this had such a nice flavour. Throughout the evening there were little touches helping to intertwine the meal with the game – the little leaf with the gold writing pictured was one of these. I won’t go into too much detail – I’ll leave some mystery in case there are future events! But I will say that these little touches added a bit of mystery, fun and charm to the whole evening.

I had never played Ultimate Werewolf before, so I was a little apprehensive in case I’d find it confusing – but it was great fun. Kenny talked through it really well, and actually it’s a pretty simple game. The simple version is where you have werewolves and villagers (with some villagers having special abilities). No one knows who is who, and there’s ‘night’ phases (where everyone closes their eyes and the moderator wakes up certain people and instructs them to silently choose victims to kill, or people to use their abilities on) and ‘day’ phases (where everyone wakes up, the deaths from the night before are announced, and everyone has to try and decide who might be a werewolf/bad guy, and lynch them). I gave myself away as a werewolf in the first round by accidentally making a noise during the night, but miraculously survived a lynching along with my fellow werewolves, and we won that round.


The next course of food was venison tartare, with pickled mushroom and truffle. Sometimes I can be a bit funny with the texture of tartare, and unfortunately this was one of those times – however the taste was beautiful. Mushrooms are my food nemesis, but I was really intrigued to try pickled ones, and taste-wise I couldn’t pick a single fault with this dish.


My favourite dish of the evening was the main course of pork belly, blood sausage, red cabbage and mustard. The pork belly was perfection – really melt in the mouth beautiful – and the cabbage was amazing. I’m not sure how it was done – braised or pickled or what (and I feel that I’m possibly failing in my duties as a foodie for not working it out!) But it went just perfectly with the pork.

The games continued with plenty of merriment and a fair pinch of suspicion – the fun thing about playing multiple games in one sitting is that everyone holds slight grudges from the round before and everyone starts to trust each other less and less (and you start to see some ruthless tactics, such as when my friend Michael threw me under the bus and voted to lynch me to throw suspicion off himself as my fellow vampire. I’m not bitter at all…)


Luckily we had a gorgeous dessert to sweeten the backstabbing (I’m looking at you, Michael!) Dark chocolate torte (it may or may not be torte but that’s what I’m going with), with cherry, almond and yoghurt. This was sensational, with a great balance between the cherry and chocolate.

We had an additional round after dessert, and some after dinner chocolates which I utterly failed to picture due to scoffing them too quickly!

Overall this was a fantastic night – the food provided by Nord was exquisite, and the organisation of the games with all the special little touches and tie-ins to each course was amazing. I had so much fun, and enjoyed a beautiful meal while doing so! It was also really fun getting to meet some new people and enjoy some great chat in amongst the games. I’d definitely recommend giving it a go if any similar events crop up – and if not, you can turn up to For Fika Sake, Dice Roll Cafe, and Nord to sample their usual offerings.


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