Pulled Pork

Okay, this recipe is a total cheat but it’s so tasty. You can pop it on in the morning and just forget about it as well, so it’s great if you’re having people over etc and have other things to be getting on with.


  • Pork shoulder – about 1kg but more or less depending on how many people it’s for
  • 2 tubs BBQ sauce – I quite like those Sweet Baby Ray’s ones, but go with your preference.
  • Full fat cola – enough to cover your pork



I use my slow cooker for this but you can do it on the hob or oven too.

Remove the rind from the pork and pop it in the slow cooker/pot/dish. Empty all the BBQ sauce over the pork then top up with coke until just covered.

For the slow cooker, pop on low for 6 hours. On the hob, put on the lowest heat for about 4 hours. I’ve never done it in the oven but I’d reckon about 100C for about 4 hours would do the trick.

Remove from the pot and pull apart with forks. I then normally put it in a bowl and add a few ladlefuls of the liquid from the pot, and then I mix it with homemadeĀ BBQ sauce.

It’s so good in burritos, or on rolls with a bit of salsa and coleslaw.



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