Pizza Express

I’m not the biggest pizza fan (I know – gasp, shock, horror etc) so it was only last year I went to Pizza Express for the first time, as I didn’t really expect it to be my cup of tea. But actually, I really enjoyed it! I went back a few weeks ago with my dad, my sister and my nephew – and despite being horribly hungover I still really enjoyed it.



We opted to share the ‘classic Italian antipasto’ – featuring Italian meats, veg, mozzarella and bread, with garlic butter and a spiced tomato dip – and the ‘dough balls doppio’ – dough balls with pesto, garlic butter, and the same tomato dip.

I love a good sharing starter, and this doesn’t disappoint – there’s a good mix of everything and it’s all packed with flavour. I thought the dough balls would be crispier and therefore assumed I wouldn’t like them, but they were so soft and fluffy inside and went really nicely with the dips. My wee nephew also went for the dough balls, from the kids menu – accompanied by a colourful selection of salad veg.



My sister went for the Padana (goats cheese and red onion) and my dad went for the sloppy Giuseppe (spicy beef and green peppers). As I said, I’m not the biggest fan of pizza, but I tried some of the padana and it had a good flavour.


I ordered the risotto fresco – salmon risotto. This was a bit of a mistake due to my horrendous hangover, and I couldn’t eat a bite of it. However, I had it boxed up and ate it the next day once I’d sufficiently recovered. It reheats surprisingly well for a fish risotto and was absolutely delicious!

Overall it was really pretty decent, with a couple of standout dishes (the antipasto really is particularly good).


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