I really like Wagamama. For a chain they’re  surprisingly consistently good (and not consistently ‘okay’ which can be the case with chains) and their menu contains some of my all-time favourite dishes.

My one problem is that I can never make up my mind what I want, so end up trying to order everything. As this clearly isn’t practical, I enjoy going with like-minded individuals who are happy to order half of everything (and eat at least some of it of course…)


If you’ve never tried chilli squid at Wagamama, then I insist you do immediately. Even if you’re a little squeamish at the thought of squid and don’t normally eat it – this is so deliciously crispy and packed full of flavour that you’ll kick yourself for not trying it earlier.


Duck gyoza are the best gyoza, fact. It might be because they’re always fried and therefore crispy (and of course, superior to steamed gyoza). I’m not really fussy about where I get my duck gyoza from – it’s lovely wherever. Wagamama is no exception, and their cherry hoisin dipping sauce is dynamite.


Mr Eats really enjoys the Tori Kara Age – bits of spiced chicken fried until crispy. I’m not as big a fan; while I don’t dislike it I think there are more interesting things on the menu.

As for the duck pancakes, I was so pleased when these were added to the menu as they’re a big favourite of mine. Wagamama’s version are tasty and moreish and the sauce is fantastic.


As for mains (yes, we did order mains as well as the sides – don’t judge!), Mr Eats ordered chicken Raisukaree, a coconut and citrus curry. This was so tasty and light – and super pretty.


Speaking of pretty, this teriyaki chicken donburi is also a gorgeous dish. Packed full of sticky rice and delicious teriyaki chicken, this is one of my favourite meals.

I do love a good Wagamama – writing this post has made me crave it even though it was just last week we were last there! There’s a little something for everyone there as well (or near enough anyway), so always a good one to try out! While I didn’t have them on this occasion, I also recommend their steamed buns as they’re fab.


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