Slouch, Glasgow

This isn’t really the post that Slouch deserves, so I will do another at some point. I just happened to be there on Friday night and thought I’d pop up a little short taster post.

Slouch is a great wee place on Bath street, with decently priced drinks, tasty food, and good music.

They have a selection of bar snacks on the menu, you can order them singly or save a bit of money with a selection. Me and a friend shared an epic selection:


We had 2 portions of mozzarella sticks, spicy chips, normal chips, chicken wings, and Mac n cheese balls. Slouch used to do these amazing wings (several years ago to be fair) and I’m not such a fan of them now – they’re crispy and deep fried and while alright, are just not my favorite way to have wings. This was more than made up for by how good everything else was – perfect accompaniment to post-work drinks.



As well as snacks (and the skinny chips above were fab by the way), they’ve got various things on the menu from burgers and hot dogs to pizza. A couple of the girls ordered pizza which they said was great, and it did look pretty decent.

As well as their bar menu, Slouch offer a market menu in the bit next door to the bar, which I’ve heard good things about, and thoroughly intend to try at some point.


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