Prep Fitness Kitchen

I got a Friday-afternoon text from my good friend Michael, asking if I wanted to meet at the gym. My first instinct was to laugh – I’d already been at the gym once during 2017 – but I put my sensible head on and agreed. Post workout, knackered and dangerously close to hangry, I jumped on the chance to go for a bite to eat afterwards. I’m really glad Michael suggested Prep Fitness Kitchen, because it was actually really good, without the usual guilty feeling I’d get if I consumed a burger straight after the gym.


We both ordered the same thing – grilled marinaded chicken breast, with salad and harissa-spiced yoghurt on a healthier version of a brioche bun. They were served with baked sweet potato and ‘kaleslaw’ (shredded kale, red cabbage and carrot). The burger was great, but I think the mix of sweet potato and kaleslaw is the real winner – it tastes amazing.


Michael also ordered a side of dairy free mac N cheese, which I believe is made with almond milk. It doesn’t taste like mac n cheese, obviously, but it’s got a good creamy texture and I reckon the sauce would make a good base for a chicken/fish and veg pasta.

They do various things on the menu from burgers, baked sweet potatoes, wraps etc and I’d say it’s worth a look – and not just if you’re trying to eat healthily, because the food is tasty in it’s own right and not just as healthier substitutes.


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