Smoked Goose

I brought back some smoked goose from the Ostabúðin deli, as mentioned in my previous post. I really like the smokey, gamey flavour, and it’s nice to have something a little different to perk up a work packed lunch. There are probably a myriad of things I could do with it, but my favorite is a simple salad that lets the flavour of the goose really shine through.

For the salad I just popped in:

  • Mixed leaves
  • Sliced radish (adds such a good crunch!)
  • Piccolo tomatoes
  • Sliced smoked goose
  • Some potatoes leftover from dinner, done in butter and parsley (I feel like a weekend shift deserves a little oompf!)

The dressing on the side is also from Ostabúðin – it’s a raspberry vinaigrette which adds a little sweetness and moisture to the duck.

I meant to add cucumbers and completely forgot, so I’m a bit sad about that! Overall a fab little lunch though, and nice to have a little taste of Iceland at work.


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