Ostabúðin, Reykjavik

Hello! I’m back after a fab few days in Iceland, so I’ve got plenty tasty things to blog about over the next few days.

I’ll start with Monday night’s dinner – it was Mr Eats’ birthday so I took him out to a cute wee place just off the main tourist/shopping street Laugavegur. Ostabúðin is an adorably tiny restaurant, with a nice range of Icelandic flavours on the menu. They also have a deli next door where you can pick up meats and cheeses along with various condiments, jams, crackers etc. It’s definitely worth a visit and I highly recommend their smoked goose!


This was Mr Eats’ starter – seafood soup with a tomato curry base, with coconut milk, scallops and shrimp. He said it was delicious and moreish – I’m not normally a fan of curry, soup and fish all together but this had a lovely flavor.


This was absolutely beautiful – smoked & cured salmon with cucumber, horseradish and buttermilk sauce. The salmon had a beautiful texture and a lovely subtle flavor. I think the cucumber was marinaded or dressed in some way – I’m not sure exactly what it was, but it had this lovely tang that went so well with the salmon.


This was my main of Icelandic lamb, with beetroot, artichokes, hazelnuts and potato puree. I really enjoy Icelandic lamb – it is so tender and has this beautiful flavour that’s unlike any other lamb I’ve tried. I can never resist ordering it at least once while in Iceland, and this trip I’ve even brought a leg back with me!

This dish in particular was lovely – all the components went well together and they complemented the lamb without overpowering the flavour. Delicious!


Mr Eats went for Arctic Char, with celery root and potato puree. If you haven’t had arctic char before, it’s a bit like a mix of salmon and trout. I’ve never been able to find it in the UK as it’s normally found in cold waters, so it’s another thing I like to get while in Iceland – so naturally I had a wee bit off Mr Eats’ plate. The fish was cooked perfectly and it tasted great, but I was glad I went for the lamb as it had that extra something.

For dessert, our waiter had clocked the massive birthday badge pinned to Mr Eats, and brought over cheesecake with a little candle.


It was a lovely little touch and the cheesecake was gorgeous, with a delicate hint of caramel through the mousse. It was a lovely end to a gorgeous meal – and we were both thankful to have a dessert to share as we were stuffed by the end!

I’d only ever had lunch here before so it was really nice to go for a full dinner – kid it’s a really great little place with some amazing food.


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