Taste Buchanan Street Food

I’m not sure when it happened exactly (and I’m feeling too lazy to Google), but at some point in the fairly recent past, Glasgow’s Buchanan Galleries revamped their food court. It’s now gone from being a slightly grim last resort to a funky mix of independent street-food pop-ups, with the lineup changing fairly regularly. You can find a bit more info about it here.

I popped in for lunch with Mr Eats as we were in town, and as the offerings had changed since last time I was there, we decided to order from two different places and share our spoils.


This was from Chompsky – a Korean BBQ chicken bao, featuring homemade kimchi, gochujang BBQ sauce, and topped with spring onion.

It was absolutely perfect – the chicken was tender and crisp, the bao soft, and the tangy accompaniments complemented it perfectly. I was pretty gutted I was sharing it!


This fish taco was from ShrimpWreck, and featured grilled Cajun haddock, mango & lime salsa, slaw, and chipotle mayo. We also opted for a side of sweet potato fries.

I really enjoyed this – the haddock was beautifully cooked, tender and flaky. The salsa was a really nice addition and none of the flavours overpowered the fish. The sweet potato fries were nice and crisp. While I lived the BBQ chicken bao, it think this was my favorite dish for the textures and flavours. Mr Eats also enjoyed both, but his favourite was the chicken, so I reckon we chose well.

The food at many of the pop-ups is a bit pricier than some of the standard lunchtime fare you might pick up in town, but from my experience so far it’s worth it for food that’s a bit more Interesting and packed with flavour. Definitely one to perk up a rainy shopping trip!


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